Hi! I am really excited to share with you how to make friendship bracelets in this upcoming workshop! I learned this quite a few years back in summer camp, and it is still really as fresh and fun to me now, as it was when I was 10! It is so much fun to feel like a kid all over again! Get back in touch with your inner child and start having fun inventing endless possibilities of colour combinations and beautiful patterns!

If you’re already interested… it’s only £5 per adult, kids go FREE, and you can reserve your place by simply popping into Sew n So (30 Union St, Ryde) to book, or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter. Want to know more? Read on!



I love how small and light-weight this craft is, so you really can take it with you anywhere! All you need is a bit of recycled cardboard and some thread, and away you go! Honestly, you’ll find hours of fun knotting contently chilling out on the beach or at family picnics, on long car journeys, or simply when you need to wait around..they all become the best opportunities for bracelet making! Be careful, it is very addictive..but in the best possible way!



I keep coming back to this craft because I find it so soothing and relaxing. See for yourself how enjoyable this experience is and feel a sense of calm wash over you as you get into the flow of bracelet making!

Interested? Great! Booking is easy! To reserve your place simply stop by Sew n So (30 Union St, Ryde) and book in person, or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter. Either way, I would love to hear from you!

The workshop is FREE for children, (accompanied by an adult, suitable for children 7+) & only £5 for adults.

Your choice of two embroidery thread colours are included and recycled cardboard looms will also be provided.



Oh I almost forgot to mention! Father’s Day is coming up (June 18th!)

Make your super-cool, festival-mad Dad a gift he will absolutely cherish while he is rocking out this summer! Party on dude! Kids, if you are really lucky, he might even take you with him to the next concert! Get knotting!